Sliphub is a hub for slipshow presentations. It helps you write one, and hosts it.

To create a new presentation:

Then, store the link to be able to get back to the presentation later!

If you want to have more information about the syntax to write a presentation, press the right arrow, several times.

  • The syntax is markdown, with some extensions. a
  • What's inside brackets is metadata. {#my-id .theorem title="Fermat" pause} means that the associated element:
    • has id my-id,
    • has class theorem,
    • has key title with value "Fermat",
    • has flag pause. a
  • Attributes are associated to:
    • a block if they are the first line of the block
    • a word if they touch it (as in word{#id}),
    • an inline span if they are enclosed like in [group of inline]{#id}
    • or, standalone if they are separated from the rest by blanks. a
  • Many attributes have a special meaning:
    • {pause} is a pause in the presentation
    • up-at-unpause puts the associated element on top of the screen at unpause
    • see this doc